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Video CD Instructions and Free Sevai Recipe Book by Mrs. Mallika Badrinath included

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  1. Batter Capacity: 450 grams of dry rice, soaked and wet-ground into fine batter of 800 ml
  2. Sevai Output per use: 900 grams
  3. Cooking time: 25 minutes
  4. Package weight: 7.3 kg
  5. Package dimensions: 45 cm x 35 cm x 41 cm
  6. Cooker size: 6 litres (when used with optional Plain Lid)

All figures are approximate and vary based on ingredients and cooking conditions.


The South Indian equivalent of ready-to-eat plain noodles, Sevai is a popular ethnic food. Also called Santhakai, Semiya, or Idiyappam, it is an energy giving, easy-to-digest, carbohydrate-rich food, fit even for recuperating people. Made from parbolied rice batter, the steam-cooked Sevai is daily food for millions.

The traditional Sevai/ Idiyappam making process is a put-off for many. The sequence of grinding the dough, and pressing it to extrude the Sevai is always a laborious and time consuming process that takes a toll on the enthusiasm of housewives. Understanding this from a practical perspective, SevaiMagik was developed from scratch. Once the batter is ground to a thin consistentency, it is just a one step process to tasty, hygienic Sevai.

Using the popular Pressure Cooker concept as the basis, SevaiMagik's steamer chamber, piston, extruder, etc. were designed, keeping in mind the ease-of-use required. After the suggested amount of water is added into the bottom of SevaiMagik, the inner container with gasket is placed inside. Ground batter is then poured to a specific limit in a chamber and closed. After steaming it for about 20 minutes, when the weight valve is placed on the vent, Sevai starts pouring out into the outermost Sevai collector, which also doubles as Sevai / Idly / Cooked Rice / Vegetable steamer.



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